Sling ID Tags

Put your synthetics ahead of the rest, FIRST®

The High Performance Identification you've been searching for...

 Legible Information that "Stays Attached!" FIRST® Sling High Performance ID tag - Logo

  • Your logos and/or trademarks are displayed professionally
  • You can easily insert your customers' logo information or select a unique private label template                     
  • Rated capacity automatically sources based on part number selection
  • Print-time material prompt
  • Stock numbers are linked to a database connection and have automatic serialization
  • Easily add bar codes or allow for RFID
  • Provide your customers with permanent warning information                                                

Are Your Tags as Tough as Your Slings?

Our ID tags will outlast your sling. Can you say that about the slings you're using now?

An Illegible Tag Is an Unusable Sling!

FIRST™ Sling Technology offers the only synthetic Sling Tag available today that completely protects ID information from abrasion and stays attached to the sling.

System Benefits


  • Quick and clean set up and production
  • Secure attachments
  • Ease of serialization and barcode
  • No outdated ID stock
    - Enhanced availability
  • No cutting needed
    - Efficient and consistent results

Sales and Marketing

  • Product Perception
    - Professional graphics and custom colors
  • Special ID and private label abilities
  • Exceptional traceability standards
  • Increased useful life
    - Cost reduction
  • Safety support
    - Permanent warnings, metric conversion, bilingual
  • UV resistant

Third-party Stone Handling Test

Below is a side-by-side comparison during a third-party stone handling test. FIRST's identification will outperform leather and vinyl in every environment, under every condition, every time.

FIRST's tag is legible, the leather one is not. Which do you want?

We make the tag that you and your customers deserve. Contact us for additional information and custom samples.