Posted on 02/23/2012

FIRST® Sling Technology is proud to announce the newest
addition to the Full Inspection RoundSling Technology® Manufacturing Team and the first in the East.

FERRETERRO INDIA PVT LTD belongs to the Jhalani family of Delhi, having been in the industry for over 100 years.  With Corporate Offices in Noida, FERRETERRO will manufacture and distribute both FHPZ High Performance Roundslings and FP Polyester Roundslings from 6 locations and 45 dealers throughout India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Saurabh Khandewal, Director has coordinated The Inspectable Roundsling® project working with Joe Nishide, FIRST®'s agent for Asia and president of FEIC-FAR EAST INDUSTRIAL CO. of Japan.  Saurabh said, "Till present all roundslings rely on outer cover without any rated capacity, of numerous qualities, specifications and material and with flimsy inspection systems which all have experienced do not work." (Joe Nishide, FAR EAST INDUSTRIAL CO,. (L) and Saurabh Khandewal, FERRETERRO (R) are pictured at right exhibiting the FIRST® Inspectable Roundsling® at the CeMAT Trade Fair in Mumbai.) 

   The FERRETERRO team has introduced the transparent FIRST® sling to
   India's Power, Oil, Construction and Manufacturing sectors and is ready
   to "raise sling inspection and safety to a new level".  (Saurabh
   Khandewal is pictured at left answering questions from visitors at their
   booth at CeMAT exhibition in Mumbai.)