Australian Patent Office Issues Patent to FIRST® Sling Technology for the Inspectable Roundsling™

Posted on 04/13/2011

Austrailian Patent Office logoThe Commonwealth of Australia’s Patent Office issued the Patent on March 17, 2011. The Inspectable Roundsling™ (roundslings with a transparent cover) is proud to bring this US invention and advancement in lifting safety to Australia’s diverse industries.

FIRST®, Full Inspection RoundSling Technology, has been introduced in Western Australia in recent months, but the issuance of the patent brings opportunities for building a preferred team of licensed manufacturers and authorized distribution for FIRST® Polyester-FP, and High Performance-FHPZ roundslings to serve their lifting and rigging industries.

Murdock Webbing Company weaves and supplies the Clear Cover® and Filtec Precise the polyester and EHP® high performance yarns for the licensed FIRST® Manufacturing Team worldwide.