About FIRST® Sling Technology


FIRST® Sling Technology is owned and operated by second and third generation slingmakers.  Formed as an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company in 2005, FIRST® is a family owned operation.  Like most rigging families, much pride is taken in offering their customers the highest of standards in quality and service and in meeting the challenges of every day lifting needs.

FIRST® was founded on a commitment to offering solutions and providing continual improvement opportunities to companies in the business of manufacturing slings.  This has been accomplished through new and innovative sling products that promote the highest in quality and safety standards for use in the crane and rigging industry.

As part of this commitment, FIRST® has developed an advanced identification system or sling “tag” for synthetic slings, both flat web and round, in use around the world today.  Recently FIRST® launched its newest product in sling identification for steel slings.

FIRST®, the acronym for Full Inspection RoundSling Technology, is at the heart of the company with the most significant advancement in roundsling inspection and safety ever developed, The Inspectable Roundsling™.  The roundsling with a transparent cover provides riggers with a true visual inspection of the  load bearing core yarn condition.

FIRST® Sling Technology licenses this technology to manufacturers and authorized dealers.  Today, a licensed Inspectable Team of elite manufacturers and dealers are located throughout North America with plans for expansion progressing not only in the U.S. and Canada but throughout the world.

“The products of FIRST® Sling Technology are the result of knowledge, experience, hard work and devotion to the products and people of the sling and crane and rigging industries.”

The family’s first generation slingmaker, Lanell Ray Cox, is shown below demonstrating wire rope sling hand-splicing at the Houston Astrodome Exhibit Hall in 1965.  In those days it was common to see splicers at job sites building slings for hanging steel.

Manchester SlingA man who works with his hands is a laborer.
A man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman.
A man who works with his hands, his brain and his heart is an artist.”
-Louis Nizer